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Chapter 14 Center Section Spar

Started 01/22/2006 finished 07/09/2006 Hours worked this chapter : 96.0 Holding off on the last step of installing the spar into the fuselage until the wings are finished and time to build the fuel strakes. Installed engine hard points 01/01/08

Here you can see the Jig made out of practical board, I used hot glue to hold it together during construction. On the jig is some of the spar foam rough cut. Both top and bottom foam are set against the back of the jig to which you sand them down so they match.

I used my dermal with a 1/8 rasp carbide bit set to the proper depth. Then I cut groves in the area to be removed. From that point it was simple to sand down until all the groves are removed and smooth.

Here you can see the finished end.

Here the top foam and the forward are macro together. I used stick pins to hold the foam in place until cure.  I don't use finish nail that much, I think it is kind of over kill sometimes, that not to say I never use nail only when needed.

All three side macro together, I used tape and pins to hold until cure.

Glassed inside with bulk head and hard points installed too.

Outboard hard points

Inboard hard point, the 1 inch whole in the bulk head will allow wire to pass later on.

CS4 foam cut and fitted.

CS4 inside glassed.

CS4 micro in place, pined and weighted down for cure.

Cut and sanded the spar cap trough, in the picture you can see the sanding block I made out of MDF.

In this end view you can see the small twist in the end part of the right hand spar cap.

Sheer web lay up with the hard point visible. The glass was cut on a taper from 12 inch wide to 14 inch wide on each end, the center section glass was cut strait at 14 inch wide.  This is possible because I use a cutting wheel on my glass cutting table to make the cuts.

On the glass cutting table I clamped my s-glass roll dispenser. To keep track of the layer I use a sheet of paper with the length and sequence number, as I started each layer I crossed it out, simple and it worked. I have the correct number of layer as called for in the plans, although you can be a few more or less.

Glassed with peel-ply waiting for cure. In the picture you can see the rats nest of cross threads removed during lay-up. The jig with sand bags  served as a back stop to keep the spar from moving during this step, foam scraps kept it level.

In this shot you can see the length marking on the plastic tape and garbage bag I used to protect the foam.

Same thing on this side just different number of layers and lengths. Take your time it will go just fine. Plan for about 6 hour minimum per side.

Wood blocks inserts seat belts hard points.

Three sides glassed waiting for cure

In this shot you can see the peel-ply where the wing mounting hard points will go.

Out board external hard points.

In board external hard points

Access holes cut and last side glassed.

Trimmed the glass in the two openings and the two ends. Cut the two 2 1/4 access holes at each out board hard point. After cure I hung spar up with the canard wing to wait until needed.

Spar finished waiting to be installed.

Installed engine T2024 hard points before main spar installation. (01/01/08)

Finished, installed spar in fuselage during Chap 15 Firewall build.

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