Chapter 25: Finishing

Chapter 25: Finishing

These pages explain the contouring process start to finish.

The Contouring Process

    (1) Inspections and Repairs

    (2) The Prefill

    (3) The Big Fill

    (4) Sanding to Contour

    (5) Filling Pinholes and Scratches

    (6) Applying the Primer

    (7) Painting

These pages cover the contouring of individual parts of the airframe in the order in which I am doing them.

    (1) Winglets

    (2) Wings and Strakes

    (3) Filling the Canopy and Turtleback

    (4) Hiding the Canopy Hinges

    (5) Filling the Nose Top, Canard Cover, and Removable Forward Deck

    (6) Contouring the Top of the Fuselage

    (7) Contouring the Fuselage Sides

    (8) Contouring the Fuselage Bottom

    (9) Skim Coating the Fuselage Bottom and Sides

    (10) Window Treatments

    (11) Skim Coating the Fuselage Top

    (12) Seam Treatments

    (13) Priming the Fuselage

    (14) Contouring the Canard

    (15) Contouring the Ailerons  and Elevators

    (16) Contouring the Main Gear (haven't started this yet...)

    (17) Contouring the Cowls

    (18) Interior Finishing

These pages cover some of the other tricks

    (1) Using Sandblasting to Prepare the Surfaces

    (2) Cheese Grating

    (3) Tools, Devices, and Tips (ongoing)

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