Wayne Hicks' Cozy IV Project

Wayne Hicks' Cozy IV Project


What is a Cozy IV?

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 4 Bulkheads

 5 Fuselage Sides

 6 Fuselage Assembly

 7 Fuselage Exterior

 8 Shoulder Brace & Seatbelts

 9 Landing Gear & Brake

10 Canard Wing Assembly

11 Elevators

12 Canard Wing Installation

13 Nose Section

14 Main Spar

15 Firewall

16 Control System

17 Center Console

18 Canopy & Turtleback

19 Main Wing Assembly

20 Rudders

21 Strakes & Fuel Tanks

22 Electrical Systems

23 Engine and Cowls

24 Covers & Fairings

25 Finishing

26 Upholstery


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August 26, 2012 - Chapter 23 Access Door for Oil Dipstick 

I'm installing the access door for the oil dipstick.  Click here for more details.

I made the J-hinges and floxed the mounting brackets to the cover and to the top cowl.



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