Construction of Long-EZ, Varieze and other Burt Rutan Aircraft


Selected articles from the Canard Pusher newsletter published by Rutan Aircraft.

Answering the Epoxy Question April 1996
Epoxy Update January 1994
Electrically Actuated Landing Brake July 1992
How to Check if your Airplane is Straight January 1986
Delaminations January 1986
License to Build RAF Aircraft October 1985
Homebuilder Responsibility January 1985
Safe-T-Poxy Reactions April 1982
Caution: Trailing Edge Close Outs April 1982
Change Aluminum Fittings to Steel January 1982
NACA Flush Inlet July 1981
Plexiglas Hints for Perfect Canopies January 1981
Important Weight Information - Long-EZ January 1981
Trapped in the Back Seat July 1980
Safe-T-Poxy Working Temperature January 1980
Fuel/Fiberglass Compatibility October 1979

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