Propellers and Extensions for Long-EZ, Varieze and other Burt Rutan Aircraft

Propellers and Extensions

Selected articles from the Canard Pusher newsletter published by Rutan Aircraft.

Prop Bolt Torque (Again) July 1993
Prop Extension Failures October 1994
Wood Prop Failures and Non-recommended Props January 1996
More on Wood Props April 1996
Caution: FOD to Pusher Props January 1994
Caution - 8" Prop Extensions April 1989
How to Check for the Correct Prop April 1988
Prop Bolt Torque Problem July 1987
Prop Bolt Torquing April 1987
Prop Damage January 1986
Prop Extensions April 1983
Another Prop Incident - Check Torque April 1982
Caution: Spinner/Prop Extension Compatibility April 1982
6-Inch Prop Extension October 1981
Warning, Loss of Prop July 1981

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