Caution - Trailing edge close outs

April 1982

It is very important for structural integrity, that you ensure that your trailing edges of canard, elevators, wings, ailerons, winglets and rudders meet the prescribed minimums in the plans. Do not accept delaminations in the trailing edge glass to glass area. Even the smallest delam can get moisture in it which will freeze and expand when you climb through the freezing level, and thus delaminate further and further with each occurrence until it could weaken the overall integrity. About the quality of your trailing edge glass to glass close outs - accept nothing less than perfection in this area. Always sand smooth every lap after cure - do not leave them joggled as shown.

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LAP DIMENSION: Ignoring the proper procedure here could result in serious consequences, even structural failures! Here is a list of these areas. The minimum dimension should be considered an absolute minimum. If you don't meet this criterion it requires repair before you fly.

Glass Lap
Dim Shown
Acceptable Lap
Canard 0.45" 0.3"
Elevators 0.25" 0.2"
Wings 0.6" 0.5"
Aileron cut outs 1.0" (top) .75 (top)
0.75" (bottom) .52" (bottom)
Ailerons 0.5" 0.3"
Wing Root Rib 0.6" 0.4"
Winglets 0.6" 0.4"

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