Flight Testing Long-EZ, Varieze and other Burt Rutan Aircraft

Flight Testing

Selected articles from the Canard Pusher newsletter published by Rutan Aircraft.

Can I Slip My EZ? October 1989
First Flight Preparations July 1987
High Angle of Attack Departure Testing April 1900
First Flights April 1987
Unintentional Spin In a Long-EZ April 1983
Prop Windmill and Forced Landings January 1983
Caution, Rotation Speed April 1982
NASA Tests Long-EZ October 1981
Trimming the Aerodynamics of Your EZ October 1981
Stall Characteristics in a VariEze April 1981
Long-EZ - The Whole Story January 1980
VariEze Checkouts/First Flights January 1980
VariEze Loss of Control October 1979
Initial Flight Test July 1979

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