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Welcome to the the ez.org archive. This is a static copy of ez.org from 2019 It is no longer updated. The Canard Owners and Builders Association (COBA) maintains this archive to ensure the information from ez.org continues to be available to the canard community.

Archived Sites:

Builders Name  
  Keith Spreuer Cozy IV Powered by Subaru EG33
  Remi Khu Cozy MkIV #1336 - In progress
  Al Wick Prop construct, Risk assess, Subaru install, Glass panel
  Matt Stecher Matt Stecher's Cozy Mark IV (#1551) Build Log
  Jeff Fisher Fishers Cozy MK IV Plans # 1573
  Dave Barnes Dave-n-Lynne
  Tim Andres Updated Oct 2011
  Doug Walters Plans #1500 -- Future N911HF "No 9/11 Heroes Forgotten"
  Jon Dembs Cozy MK IV #973 Flying.....YEA!!
  Wayne Hicks Chapter 23: Baffling -- Aft Baffle
  Bruce Antolovich Cozy MKIV in Hermeray (Rambouillet, FRANCE)
  Bernard Siu Plan#1100 Chino, CA
  David Schilder - active site Wonderful World Of Cozy - active site
  David Schilder - archive site Wonderful World Of Cozy - archive site
  Edward Strong Cozy Build
  Alexandre Souto The Volutera Cozy Mark IV project #1504

Prior to the shutdown of Rick Maddy's Canard Pages we were able to work with Rick to obtain a copy of all the pages. The pages at the link below are static and will not be updated. Click the link to access the archive.

Rick Maddy's Canard Pages Archive

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