Flight controls Long-EZ, Varieze and other Burt Rutan Aircraft

Flight Controls for Rutan Aircraft

Selected articles from the Canard Pusher newsletter published by Rutan Aircraft.

Corrosion Discovered in (Elevator) Brackets October 1996
Controls - Rigging April 1991
Corrosion in Elevator Torque Tubes in EZ's January 1991
Bungee Elevator Trim System on an EZ April 1989
Flush Rudder Belhorns for a Long-EZ April 1989
Aileron "Vibration" April 1989
Aileron Belhorn Failure & "Aileron Vibration" January 1989
Caution - Ailerons Freezing April 1988
Control Surface Balancing April 1987
Firewalls and Fire Protection of Flight Controls July 1986
Elevator Control Stop Position July 1986
Caution, Control System Stiffness January 1986
Rudder Pedal Failure October 1981
Control System Rod-ends April 1979

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