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CA Mail List Search Great way to search the Yahoo CA Mail list
Cozy Mail List Search Great way to search the Cozy Mail list
EZ Specific Suppliers EZ Specific Suppliers, many are long-time EZ builders and Flyers
David Orr's Canard Finder David Orr (Beagle) is the canard finder, he matches buyers with sellers
Ken Brock Mfg The suppliers for many fittings and hardware for the EZ (Out of business 2006, see CG Products) and Jack Wilhelmson
EZ Composites Great resource in Denton Tx for canarders. Ron Gowan a long time builder/flyer and A&P.
Rutan Aircraft Factory Still sells plans for Long-EZ subsystems
Ken Miller A long-time builder/flyer, check out Ken's site for many Long-EZ related items.
Hal Hunt Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes for Canard Pushers
Lightspeed Engineering Klaus Savier is a very successful Varieze racer, sells aerodynamic mods and electronic ignitions for the EZ
Electroair An excellent Electronic Ignition (formerly sold by Jeff Rose)
Todds Canopies Perfect canopies made to order
Jack Wilhelmson Manufactures a great electric nose lift
Strong Pitch Trim Complete Pitch trim systems
Vance Atkinson Vance is a long-time EZ builder and flyer and supplies the fuel site gauges.
Featherlite No web site, but you can email them at
EZ Jets Jet powered canards
Frank Pullano Great video's documenting the Airventure race. If you've not seen you need to. Brad MacClemmy was the cameraman.
Gary Hall Teflon Rudder Hinge
Rutan Plans/Newsletters Terf Inc sells a CDRom with most of the plans and all the CP newsletters for Rutan Aircraft. (No templates so you cannot build from it)
MicroAero Vortex Generators
Deb's Page Deb sells a great booklet showing how to mount your brake cylinders in the nose and more
AeroCad AeroCad manufactures many major airframe components for the Long-EZ and other canard aircraft including: completed main wings, canards, spars, strakes, engines cowling and more!
Free Flight Composites Freeflight Composites, LLC provides construction and maintenance services to canard type aircraft owners and builders.
CG Products The Cozy Girrrls supply metal parts for the Long-EZ and Cozy.
Eureka CNC CNC foam cores for Long-EZ and Cozy.
Suppliers General Suppliers of Aircraft Parts
Aero Electric A great source of electrical supplies and info
Wicks Aircraft General Aircraft supplies
Aircraft Spruce General Aircraft supplies
Wag Aero General Aircraft supplies
McMaster-Carr All types of industrial supplies
Grove Wheels One of the best wheel/brake combos for EZ's. Owner is an EZ flyer.
Pegasus Auto Racing Great source for AN fittings, cabin heat oil cooler, pump and fan
EMachineShop Can take a drawing and produce a one-off part all done online. If anyone tries it let me know how it works
Matco Wheels A great wheel used on EZ's.
Century Spring  
Chief Aircraft Excellent pricing on avionics
Aircraft Tool Supply  
RAM Mounting Systems  
Metals Supply  
Metals Supply  
Digikey Electronics Great source for switches
Mouser Electronics Excellent pricing and quick service for all electronic needs
Genuine Aircraft Hardware  
Mountain High Oxygen  
OTTO Controls  
Ray Allen Trim systems
Linear Actuators (Warner) Actuators for the EZ landing brake and pitch trim
Warner Supplier A supplier that offers online orders for Warner actuators
Motion Systems A very light weight actuator
PolyFiber Water based finishing system
Marv Golden  
Heated Clothing Heated clothing for those without heat in their EZ's
Casper Labs 90 degree oil filter for Lycoming
Advanced Composite Traders Inexpensive composite supply
SteinAir Mainly Avionics and Electrical supplies, good source for Tefzel wire in colors other than white
MicroFasteners Some builders use these for cowl screws
EMag Electronic Mag replacements, tried by EZ flyers and recommended
SmallParts Small fittings
Stock Drive Products All types of gears, cables, chains, belts, gearmotors, pullys
ZolaTone Popular finish for interior surfaces
Fein Saw Source for the Fein saw and other tools
MicroPolish Complete system to polish your canopy
TinMan Great source for welding info and supplies
InfinityAeroSpace Matco wheels, brakes, axles, master brake cylinders, remote reservoirs and parking brake valve; Michelin tires and tubes; Wing Root and Flight Control Spherical Bearings in Housings with all mounting hardware, pics and instructions; Stick Grips (HOS); Oleo Strut Main Retracts; Engine Pre-Oiler and Back-Up Oil Pump; Steerable Oleo Nose Strut; Throttle Handle & Quadrant (HOT); Infinity 1; Click Bonds; Retractable Landing Gear Design and mfg.; and wax/cleaning supplies.
Tool Warehouse Supplier of all types of tools
FiberGlast Composite Supply
Carbon Cloth Supplies carbon fiber cloth
Online Metals  
Scales Small scales for epoxy measuring
Odessy Battery New technology Battery
Trim Express Stick on graphics
Yard Store Great source for aircraft tools
Aircraft Extras A small and inexpensive low oil sensor and low fuel warning system
Squeebees Squeebees are machined edge squeegees that are designed to make smooth composite finishes faster and make them lighter.
Sacramento Sky Ranch Great source for Lycoming engine parts and a good book on Lycomings
Airflow Performance High-performance injection system
Teledyne Mattituck Services  
SkyTec Lightweight starters for Lycoming
America's Aircraft Engines  
Prime Mover  
Ellison Fluid Systems A carb replacement system
B&C Specialty Very lightweight starters and more
Pacific Oil Coolers  
K&N Air Filters  
Engine Components  
Barrett Precision Engines, Inc. Lycoming Engines
Positech Oil Coolers  
Total Seal Will make custom piston ring assemblies for any piston
Alternative Engine Links Many, many links to different engine sites
White Industries Source for used Lycoming engines, many with prop strikes
LyCon High-compression lycoming pistons
Prime Mover Tons on engine info
Lycoming Model ID Ever need to know what all the letters and number in an engine model mean?
Toyota Alternator Adapting a Toyota alternator to the Lycoming
Marvel Carb Info Great PDF on the Marvel Carb
Lycoming Info O320 and O360 engine info
Lycoming Timing Great article on setting the timing on a Lycoming
Engine Coatings  
Builders / Flyers EZ Builders and Flyers web pages
John Slade One of the best Cozy build sites
Roch LaRocca ERacer Builder ERacer build in progress
Bill Allen Long-EZ
Perry Mick Worlds only ducted fan powered EZ
Tom Staggs Navy carrier pilot turned EZ Driver
Rotary Engine Long-EZ A rotary powered Long-EZ project
Long-EZ with retracts A very unique Long-EZ retract system
Terry Lamp Terry's very nice Long-EZ construction pictures
Mark Borom A flying Long-EZ
Escobol Varieze Good site with many pictures
ThunderDuck A Long-EZ project
Matt Evans Long-EZ project (was rotary powered, now lycoming)
Al Wick Prop construction
Mike Beasley A Long-EZ project
VariEze A flying Varieze
George Graham Or how to build an EZ (ERacer) for the least money. Rotary powered and homebuilt PSRU.
Bruce Layne  
Bill Kleb  
Lee Devlin A flying Long-EZ
Computer Certainty Several ideas for EZ's, Plans to use Toyota started on Lycoming engines.
Ralf Kloefer  
David Orr Email David "Beagle" Orr if your looking to purchase an EZ of any type. He maintains a list of many that are for sale.
Finishing a composite aircraft Great article on finishing any composite aircraft
Harley Dixon A Long-EZ project started 20 years ago, nearing first flight
Tim Crawford The late Tim Crawford's site. Be sure to check out the vast amount of information.
Deb's Page Deb sells a great booklet showing how to mount your brake cylinders in the nose and more
James Redmon A Berkut project
Norway Defiant A Defiant from Norway
South Atlantic Flight Great stories
X-Jets Good downdraft cooling info and the Berkut Jet
Varieze A Varieze builder
Ed's Hanger A flying Varieze
Berkut Charles Bracken's Berkut website, this Berkut was destroyed in a crash. Charles survived.
Greg's Varieze A Varieze project
FreeFlight Composites Builder Assistance and lots of great pictures
John McAvoy Great site with cabin oil heater artiicle and a neat canopy stay. Adding retractable main gear to a Long-EZ.
Dick Rutan Burt Rutan's brother, great site
Stephen Kearney A flying Varieze
Catto Props Makes a great 3 bladed prop for the EZ.
Gary Hertzler THE aerodynamic guru, makes props and more. When Gary talks speed, people listen.
Saber Manufacturing Prop extensions
Sensenich Wood Propellers  
Ed Sterba Aircraft Propellers A very inexpensive and good performing prop.
Prop Making Make your own prop
Al Wick Prop making
Performance Propellers USA Multi-laminate 2 and 3 blade propellers
EZ Squadron While is not a true organization, you can sign up on the member's page, it's a great tool when looking for someone's email address when your stranded.
Central States The only print newsletter for the EZ's and worth twice what it costs. Everyone should join and support this newsletter.
Central States Newsletter Index Index of all the Central States newsletters
Canard Aviators A very active email discussion group.
Defiant Flyers Newsletter John Steichen is the contact for the Defiant Flyers newsletter.There is also a Defiant group on Yahoo..
Popular Events
Rough River Annual gathering of canards in October. The motels are booked years in advance so make reservations early
R.A.C.E. Shirl Dickey's (ERacer designer) annual 4 race series for mostly canards.
Oshkosh - Airventure  
Copper State  
Reno Air Races  
Mexico Fly-In Guayabitos Mexico flyin attended by several canard flyers
Alternative Engines
Real World Solutions Supplier of PSRU for rotary engines
Paul Lamar  
Aircraft Rotary Engine Best Practices  
Contact Magazine A newsletter dedicated to alternative engines
Rotary Engine Oil Adapters  
Fly Rotary Group  
Haltech Engine Management  
Simple Digital Systems An inexpensive fuel injection system that has been adapted to the Lycoming
Wilksch Diesel Diesel Aircraft Engines
Engine Weights Very complete list of engine weights
Government Sites
NTSB Accident Inquiry  
FAA - Amateur Built  
FAA - Aircraft Registry  
FAA - Flight Standards  
FAA - Advisory Circulars  
FAA - AD  
FAA - Preliminary Accidents  
NACA Reports Technical NACA reports dating back to the 50's
Trio Avionics Auto-Pilot built for the EZ by EZ Builders. Exceptional performance by all accounts.
Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS by Greg Richter, a Cozy builder that recently convert to turbine power for his Cozy.See Cozy Jet for more.
American Avionics  
Gulf Coast Avionics  
Pacific Coast Avionics  
RST Engineering  
Dynon Inexpensive EFIS
Rocky Mountain Instrument  
JP Instruments  
Avionics West  
TruTrak Flight Systems  
Vision Micro Systems  
Electronics International  
Matronics Mail list for several types of aircraft, and an avionics list
AirPlan Pocket PC based moving map
MicroAir Small radio and transponder
ACK Encoders Altitude encoders
XCom Avionics Small radio
NAVGPS PDA moving map
Pocket Flight Log  
Fuel Computers  
Other Web Sites/Resources
Searchable Canard Pusher Newsletters Use the PDF version listed on this page (very large file)
Long-EZ Plan Changes A list of all the Long-EZ Plan Changes
Short Final Excerpts from radio transmissions, hilarious! If you need a laugh go here.
Scaled Composites, Inc Burt Rutan's company
Cozy Builders Links to many Cozy builders sites
Canard Aviation Forum with many Cozy builders, but others are welcome also
Airfoil Database  
Paint FAQ An extensive FAQ on painting
Rotary Powered Velocity A unique Velocity rotary powered by a 3 rotor rotary
Aircraft Tax Need an IRS deduction for your aircraft and need help, this is the site for you
X-Plane A very good flight simulator with Varieze and LongEZ models See X-Plane for the EZ models
KeyHole "Fly" over any address. Great tool for previewing an airport.
Aviation Related
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn  
CAFE Foundation  
$100 Dollar Hamburger Fly-In restaurants, lists of fuel prices nationwide
VRotate Great source for charts
Panel Builder An on-screen panel planner, very easy to use
Aviation Calculators Great aviation related calculators
Aviation Top Sites Good general site for aviation related items
Canard Makers
Velocity Aircraft  
Cozy Aircraft  
Other FOR-SALE Sites
Weather/Flight Planning
FAA Weather FAA weather
FlightPrep Good site for flight planning
IPilot Online weather
AnyAWOS Nationwide AWOS from one number
Intellicast Weather Great online weather
Gleim Charts and more
WxWorks Satellite weather service
AeroPlanner Online flight planner
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