January 1986

Repairing small areas of delaminated skin, can best be done by drilling several small holes around the effected area and injecting epoxy into one or all these holes until it comes out of the rest of the holes. Cover the area with Saran wrap, a flat board and a heavy weight. Allow to cure. One of the problems with this type of repair is finding a hypodermic syringe.

Try this: go to a sporting goods store, buy a cheap plastic repair kit for a leaking basketball. Drain the tube of glue, wash it out thoroughly with water, dry it and fill it with epoxy. Make your repair and throw it away. Works great. Best way to check for a suspected delamination is to tap the area with a quarter. You will hear a solid clear ringing sound if it is a good layup, but as you cross over a delaminated area, it will sound hollow.

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