Fuel systems for Long-EZ, Varieze and other Burt Rutan Aircraft

Fuel System

Selected articles from the Canard Pusher newsletter published by Rutan Aircraft.

Water in Fuel April July 1994
Leaky MA-3 Carburetor? April 1993
Problems with Plastic Fuel Lines January 1991
Long-EZ, Defiant, Electric Boost Fuel Pump Alert October 1988
Sticking Fuel Valves (Again) October 1988
Electric Primer for Long-EZ January 1988
Fuel Line Obstructions (3 Articles) January 1988
Caution - Aeroquip 601 Hose Leaks July 1987
A Missing Fuel Cap October 1986
Long-EZ Electric Fuel Boost Pump January 1986
Carburetor Floats July 1984
Long-EZ Fuel System July 1981

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