Chapter 18: Turtleback and Canopy

Chapter 18: Turtleback and Canopy

Step 1: Building the Turtleback Form (Jig)

Step 2: Construction of Turtleback and Inside Layup

Step 3:  Turtleback Bulkhead and Rib

Step 4:  Contouring and Glassing Outside of Turtleback

Step 5:  Installing the Rear Windows

Step 6: Installing the Canopy Hinges

Steps 7, 8, 9:  Installing the Upper Firewall, Turtleback, and Engine Mount Reinforcements

Step 10:  Installing the Canopy

·       Nose Profile Templates (Not Addressed in Plans)

·       Installing the Canopy Glass

·       Setting the Canopy Tape Line

Step 11: Building the Canopy Frame

·       Shaping the Canopy Frame Blocks

·       Nose and Canard Cover

·       Glassing the Outside Canopy Frame

Steps 12, 13: Carving the Inside Foam, and Canopy Hardware Reinforcements

Canopy Hoop (Not Covered by Plans)

Canopy Drip Rail (Not Covered by Plans)

Step 14:  Provision for Removable Top

Step 15:  Cutting out Forward Deck

Step 16:  Installing Fuselage Top

Step 17:  Canopy Lip and Instrument Panel Cover

Step 18:  Access Door…NOT!  I’m installing a real canopy latch handle instead!

Step 19, 20, & 21:  Installing the Canopy Hardware (Latches, Safety Catch, Handle)

Step 22:  Canopy Stop

Step 23:  Cabin Air Vents