Prop Windmill and Forced Landings

January 1983

An EZ’s prop will windmill at flight speeds above 65 to 70 knots. However, while practicing slow - flight or stalls at 60 knots or less, if your engines idle is set too low, or you run out of fuel on one tank, the engine may not only quit running, but the prop may stop. Should this happen, and you do not have a starter, keep calm, switch tanks, verify mags on and mixture rich, the nose down and build up at least 135 knots (155 mph). The prop will begin to windmill at 125 to 135 knots and the engine should start.

A windmill start uses less altitude if you initially dive to rapidly attain the 135 knots. If you are faced with a forced landing for any reason, pick out a smooth spot and execute a NORMAL landing. Extend the nose gear and speed brake and land as if you were on your home field. DO NOT try anything fancy. Make a normal landing. If there are obstacles in the field, guide the fuselage/cockpit between them.

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