Cozy Builder Links

My Favorite Cozy Builder Links

The following links are to pages that I use the most.

Co-Z Development Corporation

The official Cozy IV website.  See this site for information packets, performance figures, etc.

Marc Zeitlinís "The Unofficial Cozy Builder's" Web Site

The DEFINITIVE site for everything "COZY".  Marc is the administrator for the Cozy Builders E-mail discussion group.  His website is an invaluable repository for information, FAQ's, figures, plans changes, suppliers, newsletters, archived e-mails, and much, much more.


For more builder websites, go to--->


Wayne's Sun-N-Fun Trip Report:   My Impressions of Flying in the Cozy Mark IV

Marc Zeitlin's Sun-N-Fun Trip Report

"The Hinge Method"  for joining foam sheets together


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