Chapter 9: Landing Brake


Lessons Learned:

1. While I'm pleased with my results with the landing brake, there must be an easier way to build it without needing so much micro to fill the gaps. Following the plans exactly, I ended up with a 1/4-inch gap at the forward edge outside of the hinge.

2. If I were building the brake again, I'd make the hinge full width across the forward edge. Although the plans hinge length is strong enough, extending the hinge full length makes the brake easier to fabricate.

3. I added a 5th screw in the hinge instead of 4 called out in the plans.

4. Note that I've increased the size of the birch reinforcement in the brake itself. I've heard this is a recommendation if you're going to use the electric brake mechanism. I cut the fuselage slot per plans, so I guess you can tell I'm undecided whether to go manual or electric.

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