Chapter 9: Wheels and Brakes

I chose to use the MATCO wheels and brakes. Very impressive hardware! If they work as good as they look, then I will fear no short landing fields! I purchased "the works" from JD Newman at Infinity Aerospace -- brakes, wheels, Michelin tires, tubes, axles, brake cylinders, and reservoirs.

Lessons Learned:

1.  IMHO, the jig-and-clamp setup in the plans seemed cumbersome, so I found it easier just to bolt the axles to the strut very loosely, then tighten/loosen the foreward or aft bolts to get the alignment correct. I applied clear tape onto the axle and waxed the bolts before installing with flox. The strips of duct tape shown below were to catch any drips during cure. The other photo shows the gear end carved to fit the MATCO brakes. This is very similar to Marc Parmelee's approach shown on Marc Z's website. For other examples, see Brian DeFord's setup and John Slade's setup.

9_axle.jpg  9_gearend.jpg

2. I didn't like the idea of installing my expensive, brand new Michelin computer balanced tires only for them to gather dust and epoxy for two years. So I asked around on the Cozy Builders Group for some used tires. Got some pretty good ones from Bill Theeringer. You can also get some used mains from your local FBO.

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