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This one is built "per plans" by a builder in MA. Well built but a bit heavy. IFR, GU Canard, NACA inlet, football pants, My Mods: -New Seat Cushions (comfor foam) -Fiberglass Ram Air inlet (self designed, based on Vans system)(increased top end RPM by ~150) -Installed single Klaus Plasma III -Given up on the Vacuum instruments in favor of GRT Sport -Purchased James wheel pants (not installed yet) -installed 6" Sabre prop extension (replaced 4" incorrect dia one) -installed 4 cyl EGT and CHT probes feeding data to my custom built touch-screen Engine monitor Display system -Casper Labs Oil Filtration system -Re worked the baffle seals and installed ramps on lower cowl (to alleviate cooling issues created by my Ram air inlet system)

Aircraft Specs  
Engine 0-235-L2C
Prop Catto 3 Blade
Empty Weight 2mch
Flight Hours 760
Year Completed 1987
Build Hours
Chapter (if not flying)
Cruise Speed / GPH / RPM / /
Top Speed / GPH / RPM / /

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