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The CSA photo archive

Central States Association is an organization of builders and flyers of Rutan-type aircraft. Central States Association produces a quarterly 34 page newsletter dedicated to the Rutan canards and is the only remaining publication of it's kind.

Central States membership consists of approximately 1000 canard enthusiasts largely confined to the United States and Canada, there are a few members in Europe, the Pacific islands, and Australia.

The newsletter contains invaluable information with much of it devoted to enhancements and modifications. Many very talented flyers and builders provide detailed articles that range from speed enhancements to trip reports. Everyone's continued support of Central States and the newsletter will ensure that it is around for years to come.

If you are not a member join today!

Central States as a further service to its members is allowing us to publish the photos of each quarter's newsletter.

Download a searchable Excel Spreadsheet of all past issues here.