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Last Updated: 1/20/2006

Joe Hull's Cozy MK-IV
This is the final product! We're DONE!!Inspected and Approved Jan. 20, 2006
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The building process is complete - but the work continues.  Although an inspection by the FAA is the official end of the building process it only signals the start of an entirely new phase of the project.  That phase is the "Testing Phase".  So, as of Jan. 20, 2006 I entered what the FAA calls the Phase 1 test period. This period is a minimum of 40 hours long and it is a time when all aspects of the airplane are tested and the performance characteristics of the airframe, engine, and propeller are determined.
I have now transitioned from being an airplane builder to test pilot! YIKES!! But, I'll approach this like all the other chapters of this project - study first, then take little baby steps and try not to mess up too badly when it comes time to do the big job!

This is the story of one man's endeavor to not only build a curious looking object, but to see, if by will power and ingenuity, he can hurl it into the air and make it stay there!

This should not, however, be considered just one man's journey - I'm not by any means alone on this odyssey. I count it a pleasure to join the ranks of thousands of others who have gone before in building their own airplane.  I especially count it a privilege to be among those who are carrying forward and implementing the aircraft designs and engineering of Burt Rutan with his "canard" and "pusher" aircraft (see Burt Rutan Aircraft).

I am building a Cozy Mark-IV airplane that is being built from plans sold and supported by Nat Puffer and his  Co-Z Development Corporation. My web site is an endeavor to document and record my own experiences and occasionally an insight into what to do and what not to do. However, be very clear , I am only sharing my own experiences and opinions. Nothing about my Cozy MK-IV building experiences should be construed as fact or official recommendations from either Nat Puffer or the Co-Z Development Corporation.

For additional information you may also be interested in the  "Unofficial Cozy Builder's Website". It has numerous Cozy and Canard airplane links and loads of additional information.

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