SDEZ Fly-In Update

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SDEZ Fly-In Update
« on: June 17, 2005, 12:23:35 PM »
Well, everything seems to be in place for tomorrow's EZ-Type Fly-In hosted by EAA Chapter 14, except, perhaps the weather which will be what it will be.  Conditions at the coast this morning were decent VFR from the start of the day - which is a step up from the past several week's marine layer.  As always, check conditions before launching since "weather changes" (duh!).  

Trio Avionics will be giving a presentation of their autopilot systems - developed by EZ pilots and for EZs.  ETA for their presentation is in the 10:30ish timeframe.  If that's too early for you, not to worry, I expect that they will be around afterward to answer questions and show and tell.  As a happy user of their autopilot and having seen what they are about to release, I'm looking forward to this!

We have the arrangements in place for the scales for those wanting to do a fresh weight and balance, and I have had 3-4 pilots so far that are planning to take advantage of this opportunity - more to come?  

EAA 14 will be serving breakfast 7:30-9:00 for the early birds; and lunch will be 11:30-12:00, free to fly-in EZ folks.  I'll be hanging around as long as there's EZ folks about; but for planning purposes, I'd suggest mid-morning to early-ish afternoon (like 'til 1:30-2:00) as the relevant timeframe of interest.

Note that EAA is the cluster of buildings next to the tower.  Ask the tower for "taxi to EAA" and they'll know where to send you, for sure.  

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