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FireFlys' Cozy Mark IV, #1500

Dedicated to those that lost their lives on 9/11



The Girrrls The Cozy Girrrls - I love them!!! -- Very entertaining and informative site!
Volutera Cozy Alexandre Souto's Brazilian Project -- Just some cool stuff going on here...Videos too! Select the English translation.
Nate Wolfe Nate is my local mentor...whether he wants to be or not!  Also, a fun site with good info
Rick Maddy Rick Maddy's Cozy
Cozy Builders List Builders Web Pages sponsored by Rick Maddy - Very generous Rick!!  Thank you!!
Tom Tugan's Tom has a nice list of links that show builders by chapter
Remi Khu Remi Khu's Cozy
Bernard Siu Bernard Siu's Cozy
Jon Dembs Jon is nearly finished
Charles Furnweger Charles' Cozy (and Rotary Engine conversion)
Dave Schilder Dave Schilder's Cozy
Joe Hull Joe Hull's Cozy
Ken Knevel Ken Knevel's Cozy

Cozy resources

Wicks Aircraft Supply Wicks - Authorized Supplier
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty AS&S - Authorized Supplier
Cozy Girl Parts The Girrrls...
Brock Mfg. Brock Mfg. - Metal Parts - Authorized Supplier
Jack Wilhelmson Nose-Lift, Canopy Latch, MKNG-6, NG-6
Wright Aircraft Nose-Lift kit and StaggerEZ Airplane
Composite Design Electric Speed brake actuator, Switches and Breaker panels
AeroElectric Connection Electrical Information
Vance Atkinson Fuel Sight Gauges - No current link
Alex Strong Electric Pitch Trim
Gary Hall Teflon & Stainless Hinge Kits
Composite Store Alternate Epoxy Store
Infinity Aerospace Matco brake kits and tires
Ken Miller Long EZ Canard parts, Electric pitch trim
Todd's Canopies Aircraft Canopies
Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS and Autopilot
Skybolt Hardware and hardware specs

Cozy misc.

Unofficial Cozy Builders Site  Marc Zeitlinís unofficial Cozy builders web site
Canard Zone Forum Builder/Flyer/Dreamer Forum
Canard Aviation Forum Builder/Flyer/Dreamer Forum
Builder FAQ FAQ by builders  - (Incorporated into my chapter hint documents - See each Chapter)
Finishing Composites Finishing a composite airplane

Cozy pics.

Pictures #1 Drew Chaplin's Oshkosh
Pictures #2 Official Cozy website gallery
Video #1 Free Flight Composite's Long-EZ Takeoff

Flying misc.

Air Traffic Control  24/7 Live Aviation Radio



List of all innocent victims of the 9/11 attacks


Complete summary of the events of 9/11


40 Heroes remembered always as "The Flight That Fought Back" -- Let's Roll!

More 9/11 Information

Library of Congress archive of 9/11 websites


N911HF - No 911 Heroes Forgotten