At the suggestion of other builders I built an epoxy "hot box" to keep the resin and hardeners at 105 degrees….even during the winter. I didn’t want to use an epoxy dispenser. I had heard of others having problems with ratios that didn’t remain consistent. I didn’t want to fuss with disassembly of the pumps for cleaning either.

To keep the epoxy warm, I bought an inline thermostat and wired it to a light socket that was installed in the back of the box. Insulation lines the box. Three steel paint cans hold the resin (gallon), and the quart cans hold fast and slow hardeners. I chose the MGS 335 epoxy system and the hardeners can be mixed in any ratio to the desired cure time. The mixing ratio for resin to hardener is 100:38.

Instead of the epoxy pump, I purchased a 2000 gram scale. I drilled a hole in the bottom of each paint can and installed brass nipples that plastic lines are connected to. These lines go to ball valves. A mixing cup is placed on the scale and a cheap calculator determines the exact ratio every time.

I then installed 2 48" overhead lights in garage for more lighting.

Next, I built a combination fiberglass storage/cutting rack. I built it so the front door would unfold into the cutting table when needed and closed again to protect the cloth from dirt and dust while sanding.

A 12’x 4’ work table was constructed from directions supplied in the Cozy plans. 4x4’s with lag bolts (for adjustable height) were used. 4’x8’x ¾" plywood was used for the top and 2x6’s were utilized for the stringers.

Total Construction time was 24.8 hours