Chapter 19 Wings, Ailerons, Wing Attach
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Chapter 19 Wings, Ailerons, Wing Attach

Mike Skorija visited over a weekend to help with hotwiring the foam cores.

Not happy with stability of my existing wing jigs, I decided to rebuild the wing jig by duplicating Mike Skorija's "T-System" jig. I am very pleased with the new jig. Thank you Mike for your help!!

Thanks to Brad Carter, a Long EZ builder and flyer, for helping out with the bottom wing layup!!

Below are a few pics of a very poor layup on the right wing's top spar cap, an important structural layup. I needed to have the spar cap done since a friend will be coming over in a few days to help with the huge wing layup. The very poor decision was made to continue with the layup despite having trouble wetting out the 3" spar tapes. This attitude is similar to the "get home-itis" syndrome in flying. I am not comfortable with the various repair schemes and decided to scrap the right wing and restart from a fresh set of wing cores.

I will begin work on the left wing at this time until arrival of the right wing cores from Steve James of Eureka CNC. My thanks to Steve for allowing me to order just the right wing cores without the upper and lower winglets.

Remi's Cozy Mk IV Project: Chapter 19 Wings, Ailerons, Wing Attach

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