Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions  

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  Where can I find the latest version?
  How do I contribute to this FAQ?
  • You can submit questions or questions and answers via email to the moderator
  What is Canard Pages?
  • The Canard Pages is a free service available to canard builders, flyers, and suppliers. This service is used to host webpages prepared by the user so the canard community can benefit from the information provided.
  Who is providing this service?
  • Canard Pages was built and is hosted by a fellow Canardian and replaced a previous service by Rick Maddy. This is done for the benefit of others in the Canard Community.
  If it is free there must be annoying advertisements?
  • It is free and there is presently no advertising, nor plans for it.
  Why should I use this service?
  • If you want to document your canard or to provide a website to tell the canard community about parts you provide for canards, and you don't want to spend money on a fancy ISP (Internet Service Provider), or your current ISP puts lots of annoying advertisements on your pages, then this service may be for you.
  There must be some limitations, what are they?
  • You are right, there are some things this service will not allow. First of all your website must be related to canards. Do not use this service for your family photo album or for your lawn mowing business. If you do have a nice canard related site, I will allow for a page or two with some personal info and pictures. It is nice to be able to learn a little about the people involved in canards. But please don't post scores of family picnic pictures, etc.

    From a technical point of view, this service only handles basic HTML pages and various downloadable documents you may wish to provide access to. I do not support dynamic content such as Java Server Pages (JSP), Active Server Pages (ASP), Front Page Extensions, CGI scripts, PHP, WebMacro or any other "server side" scripting. Your site should consist of basic HTML, images, and downloadable documents such as zip files, cad files, and text files. What this really means is you can't have forms on your website unless the form is handled by some other service. For most builders this will not be an issue. For you suppliers, this could be a big factor if you want things such as online ordering. If your supplier pages are not strictly informational, you may need to contact a real ISP that allows things such as forms processing, database access, and online ordering.

  What is the complete registration process?
  1. Accept the user agreement
  2. Fill out the access request form
  3. Wait for the moderator to approve your request. You will receive an email when this happens
  4. Follow the link at the end of the email to complete the registration process
  5. Fill out the registration form by selecting a username and password
  6. Upon successful completion of the form you are officially registered and can begin uploading your web pages
  What can my username and password be?
  • Your username must consist of letters and/or numbers. It can't contain spaces or other punctuation. Your username must be unique. The system will determine if another user has your selection. If so, simply pick another username. Keep in mind that your username becomes part of the URL to your website so it may be useful to pick a username similar to your own name.

    Your password can contain any characters you wish as long as the password is 6 characters or more.

    Both the username and password are case sensitive and must be entered exactly the same when you log in. Keep your password to yourself. It is trivial for someone to figure out your username so your password is the only thing that prevents someone from messing with your files.

  What do I do if I am both a builder (or flyer) and a supplier?
  • Sign up as a builder (or flyer). You can place a link on your pages as appropriate to your supplier pages. Another option is to register twice, once as a builder and once as a supplier - but you must use a different email address and username for each account.
  What will the URL to my new website be?
  • The basic form will be '' where username will be the specific username you choose.
  How do I change information about myself?
  • To be supplied.
  I forgot my password?
  • To be supplied
  I forgot my username?
  • There are two ways to figure out your username. Go to the main page of Canard Pages and click on the link to your own website. The URL will contain your username (just before the index.html). The other way is to have the system send you your username via email. From the login screen click on the 'Forgot...' link. Enter your email address into the right text field and press the right Submit button. If the email address you entered matches an email address on file, the associated username will be sent to the email address.

    You may realize that you could get anybody's username by entering the right email address. Actually you can't because the email is not sent to you - it is sent to the entered email address. If it isn't your email address, you won't get the email. Besides, knowing someone's username isn't useful except to see their website.

  What is HTML?
  • Hypertext Markup Language. If you are asking this question then this service is not for you. It is assumed that you can author or use tools that generate HTML. The provider of this service is not in a position to help members create their websites. If you are having trouble creating your basic pages, please seek the help of the many fine books on the subject. Certainly feel free to contact the moderator if you are having technical problems with your pages once they are on the Canard Pages site.
  How do I get my files to Canard Pages?
  • Simple - upload them. OK, how do you do that? There are two methods for getting your files to your new website at Canard Pages. First you must login. Once logged in you will have a screen that allows you to upload your files. There are two upload sections and which one you use depends on how many files you need to upload.

    If you have many files to upload the easiest way is to zip up all the files of your website on your computer. Then use the first upload field by clicking on the Browse button. This will open a file dialog. Navigate to the zip file you created and select it. Once the file is shown to the left of the Browse button, click on the Upload button. At this time the zip file will be uploaded. Upon receipt the contents will be extracted into your Canard Pages website. The directory structure within the zip file (if any) will be preserved. If any of the files already exist they will be overwritten without warning.

    If you only need to upload a few files, say to update an existing file, you can use the second set of upload fields. Click the Browse buttons, navigate to a file and select it. You can do from one to five files this way. Once you have selected all the files, click on the second Upload button and each file will be uploaded. Again, if the file already existed, it will be overwritten without warning.

    Keep in mind that no more than 5MB (Megabytes) can be upload per press of an Upload button. Also keep in mind that you do have a disk quota. See the next question below.

  How much data am I allowed to upload?
  • Each user is given a disk quota of 15MB (Megabytes, roughly 15 million characters). Websites take very little diskspace unless you have lots of pictures. Your maintenance screen will show you how much space you have and how much you have used. If you attempt to upload a set of files, the upload will stop once the limit has been reached. Any remaining files will not be uploaded and you will not be able to upload more files until you make some room.
  What if I need more space?
  • Contact the moderator and request more space. It will be up to the moderator to decide if and how much more you will get.
  Links on my website don't work or images don't appear as expected?
  • It is very important that all links and image references in your pages are relative and not absolute. Huh? What does that mean? This means that in your HTML, make sure all the <a href=...> and all the <img src=...> values do not begin with a slash ('/'). Let's say you have a subdirectory for images named 'images'. Make sure in your 'index.html' for example that you have:

       <img src="images/cozy.jpg">

    and not

       <img src="/images/cozy.jpg">

    Also make sure you do not put the full URL of '' in any of your pages. This URL could possibly change in the future and your pages should not depend on it.

  I uploaded my files but all anyone can see is "This web page is currently under construction."
  • When you first created your account, a file named 'index.html' was created for you that contained the simple message "This web page is currently under construction". 'index.html' is the main page for your website and you must replace the default version with your own that contains the appropriate content for your website.
  How safe is my website from hackers?
  • It should be fairly safe but I do not guarantee that noone could ever break into your site and replace the nice picture of your canard with a naked dog drinking a beer. Picking a good password is the best way to ensure your website is safe. Pick one with letters (mixed case), numbers, and punctuation. Never tell it to anyone.
  Is my website backed up?
  • Your website is on the same server as other important websites. Even though backups are being made, there is no guarantee that if the harddisk crashes or the datacenter burns down, that your website files will be recovered. Always assume that your data is not backed up. This is a free service, not a professional ISP. If you must have guaranteed backups and server uptime then you need to contact a professional ISP and show them the money.
  Should I keep a copy of my website on my own computer?
  • Absolutely. See the previous question. Accidents happen. Do not assume that the copy you sent to Canard Pages is safe. I accept no responsibility for lost websites. Many of the builders are creating their website to use as their construction log for the FAA. It would be very bad if Canard Pages lost your website a week before your airworthiness inspection. Keep you own copy. Upload the copy to Canard Pages. Do your own backups of your copy.
  What type of system is Canard Pages running on?
  • The servers that and the Canard pages runs on is colocated at a large data center in Kansas City with a backup server Dallas. These servers also perform important business functions and they are watched carefully and maintained. Both are attached to be Internet backbone with a 100mps connection.