Building a Cozy in France
Last update: April 14, 2014
Welcome to the Antolovich cozy project. We have been working on the cozy in France as a family since the end of 2004/beginning of 2005. Many thanks to those that have helped, encouraged and listened. There are many unique problems of building a cozy in France but many of these have been reduced tremendously by the international nature of the internet,the active support members of  Marc Zeitlin's mailing list group and fellow cozybuilder here in France: Jean-Pierre ALAGNOUX. If anybody wants to get in contact, our email is bruce.antolovich@gmail.com.

Hiatus: July 2008 - June 2010: Building a house sure can slow down the building of a cozy! Getting restarted is pretty slow too. Especially when there is a lot left to do after the house has been "finished."

Why we fly (and want to build a cozy)

This is a picture that Frederic took as we were flying over the pont de Normandy in LeHavre. What a beautiful view. Flying a cessna 152 from Chartres took about an hour. With the cozy it would have been approximately twice as fast and overall about 3-4 times cheaper. Being able to fly 4 times as much would just make me that much better (and safer) off a pilot.

Latest activity:

April, 2014 Winglets
Q1 2014 Turtleback
April  2011 Finishing nose
January 2007 Applied fiberglass to bottom of fuselage
December 2006 Finished shaping of fuselage bottom. Put NAV antenna in place. Added wooden step. Purchased router and routed out some joggles in the front of the fuselage.
November 2006 NACA scoop!!
Added fuselage bottom, finished lower firewall including an anti-rotation system for the pulley bolts.
Assembled inside of fuselage (heat duct, etc.)
Assembled fuselage bottom
22/02/06 Trial assembly of the tub plus I received my numéro de dossier for the cozy from the GSAC in France. I'm no longer a name, I'm 5316!
Final trial assembly of bulkheads to fuselage sides prior to starting to glue it all together (at lease for the pilot's side, there is still some similar work for the passenger side)
Fitting formers to fuselage sides prior to joing in chapter six (a little more shaping required than I thought, especially considering that I quite accurately followed the plans.
January2007 Preparing to join fuselage sides. Preparing tempory firewall, getting workshop ready for the joining.
March 2008 Getting ready to apply the top skins to the canard.
June 2010 Cutting hole for nosewheel and installing (chapter 13)
July 2010 Finishing hole and installing nosewheel, beginning to shape nose (chapter 13)
August 2010 Shapiung nose and adding pitot tube (chapter 13), Finishing speed brake (chapter 9)

We started our cozy adventure when we ordered our plans from aircraft spruce (#1321) In October 2004. 

We ordered the learning package from Spruce Aircraft without the epoxy since it could not be shipped to France. After working on the chapter 3 confidence builds, we ordered enough materials from Wick's to complete chapters 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Things are moving along somewhat more slowly than we hoped but have sped up considerably after watching the RUTAN composite making video.

In juillet, 2005, I took a new job within the same group of companies and moved from Néris les Bains in Auvergne to Hermeray near Paris (Rambouillet). Never underestimate the time (or number of tools) which can be lost during a move. July to the middle of October were basically lost. Finally starting working with epoxy again on October 28, 2005. At least I found a new flying field near the house, LFOR (chartres)

Remaining rough time estimates:

New job in 2012, house building in 2009: more delays!!!
New estimates:
2014 : Finish wing and winglets
2015 : Finish construction
2016 : Integration (avionics, motor), fly

Thanks Avery for providing the Web space and to Rick for having provided it in the past for so many years.