Epoxy Lady


After 2 years of quiet building, and benefiting from othersÕ Cozy MK IV web sites and info sharing, I decided to post my own progress, notes and pictures.  These are for plans #1256 – ÒEpoxy LadyÓ as a spin off HendrixÕ song...for now at least.  Construction started in early 2004.  IÕd hoped for a 5-year build, but realistically hoping for first flight before 2014.


My project mission is to build the safest, lowest-risk aircraft at the most reasonable cost on a target schedule of 5 years.  I settled on Cozy MK IV as a durable, economical, comfortable cross-country and touring aircraft.


Thanks to Rick Maddy for hosting these pages!   Also thanks to Marc Zeitlin, John Slade, Wayne Hicks, Brian DeFord and Norm Muzzy, and several othersÕ whose sites IÕve turned to for reference.  Hope to meet some of these folks some dayÉ


The expected chapter summary link!


CouldnÕt wait 10 years – so IÕm currently flying Epoxy Lady as an adaptation of Curt BoyllÕs X-Plane Cozy Mk IV. 



Contact me at dbalders@pacbell.net


Last Updated 18 June 2006