Chapter 11 - Rick's Airplane
Chapter 11
Elevator Construction
         Long Ez
Sometimes a little airshow inspiration helps.  I'll accept that my Cozy is the closest thing I'll ever get to an L-39.  A favorite of mine.   And I have a bit more room than this beautiful Long Ez.  Photo taken at  Heber City, Utah air show.
  Tip one.
         Tip 2
  I wanted a good looking canard and elevator.  I went to two airshows and took these pics of canard wing tips.  I wanted a nice look.           I liked this one on the Long Ez pictured in the above photo.
  Tip 3
         Tip 4
                          This one had a much sharper up turn.
     Nicely trimmed in brown paint and not bad curves either babe..

  Hinge Pin Location Mark
         Hinge pin detail.
                        Preparing to mark hinge pin attachment point.
                     Hinge pin marking to set elevator hinge points.
  Tip Mine
         Canard Travel Template G
                        A little paint-n-micro and this could be flying!
  Travel Jig "G" checking accuracy and range of elevator movement.  With some sanding I was able to get the full recommended range and balance.
  Things I learned:

  I was concerned about having a quality look.  Smooth and curvy.  I learned much about where I stood and what the possiblities were by attending airshows and getting pics of other builders projects.

  I got creative by wrapping my glass around the elevator and doing both sides at once.  I used vice grips as legs to hold them up by the elevator tube.  This allowed me to have a more consistent flow around the elevator and it looks good and there would be less sanding.

  NEVER NEVER NEVER try to drive the long steel hinge pins into the elevator with it chucked into a variable speed drill.  The rotational speed of the hinge pin caused the friction bearings to seize up and the elevator flipped around beating itself on the table.  Worst part was the wear it put on the bearings.

  I steel wooled the hinge pins with super fine steel wool to help them fit in nicely.

  The Bellcrank positioning was a bit weird for me but after studying it for a while it became clear.

  Getting the elevators to balance was not too bad after sanding it down quite a bit.

  To find the high spots where the elevator hit the top of the canard lip I used a sheet of carbon paper to mark the high spots then sanded the spot away.  This is a trick my dentist uses to help him get new fillings in teeth to fit together right.  The old "ok, grind lightly routine".

  I had to buy another Bellcrank assembly after not being pleased with my rivet job.  The second time around was a charm.  I used a gear cutting jig on my lathe to align my drill holes for the rivets at 60 degree increments in two different rows.  Perfect...