Electric Primer for Long-EZ

January 1988

While this is not a new idea, it does seem to work well Mike and Sally recently installed an electric solenoid valve into the primer system of their Long-EZ, N26MS. This simple, on/off valve allows them to use the electric boost pump to prime the engine while the starter is cranking, thus getting the fuel into the cylinders where it belongs. These little electric solenoid valves are available in 12 volt as well as 24 volt. They are manufactured by Skinner, the part number is: 82Dx62 (12 volt or 24 volt). You must specify the voltage. An excellent source for these valves is:

Norman Equipment Co.
Bridgeview, IL
Toll free, call: 1-800-323-2710

The Skinner valve must be placed in the primer line sucthat it can allow fuel, under pressure from the boost pump, to enter the primer lines to each of the cylinders. Mike made a simple "T" fitting which he installed in the fuel line between the boost pump and the engine-driven mechanical pump. He was unable to find a suitable off-the-shelf "T". The problem is that the primer lines are dash 2 (1/8") size, whereas the fuel line downstream from the boost pump is dash 6 (3/8"). Therefore, the "T" would have to look like this:

wpe1B.gif (4333 bytes)

If anyone knows of a source for such a fitting (in steel please let us know and we will put it in the CP. Mike made his "T" fitting like this:

wpe1C.gif (5620 bytes)

5/8"x5/8"x l" drilled and tapped with one 1/8" NTP thread, and two 1/4" NTP threads. This worked fine, if a little heavy.

wpe1D.gif (20922 bytes)

The B2Dx62 Skinner valve should be wired to a momentary switch on the panel near the starter switch. This lets you crank the engine and "blip" the primer as required. Of course, the boost pump must be on for this to work.

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