Fisher's Cozy Mk IV Fisher's Cozy MK IV

This website is what I am using to maintain a building log. Everything in this website is only my opinion. If you are building a Cozy MK IV, follow your plans not this website. (My disclaimer).

The Cozy MK IV is a canard aircraft that cruises at 200 M.P.H. Here are the
Cozy MK IV Specifications.
The Cozy MK IV is a scratch built composite aircraft built with foam core and fiberglass. Here is a link to a video that shows the strength of this type of construction. The Cozy MK IV is not built from a kit. To build an Cozy MK IV you need to buy a licensed set of plans, then you buy materials and build the plane according to the plans. Suppliers sell "chapter kits" which are nothing but the materials that you will need to make your parts to finish that chapter. 
How it all got started. This is the first aircraft that I have built. I researched the Cozy MK IV aircraft and the Long Easy for over a year. Then we bought the plans # 1573 on 01/09/09 for the Cozy Mk. IV from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. We then moved, to a house with a garage. We placed our order for chapter 4 which is the construction of the bulkheads and seat back on 05/06/09 and the Cozy MK IV construction started.

This Cozy Mk IV is being built in Juneau Alaska. Every order that contains large items or epoxy (epoxy can not be air freighted) will get barged up from Seattle, which adds a week to the delivery time. Construction of this Cozy MK IV is starting in an one car garage. After I get all of the parts made that I can make in this garage, the project will all be moved to a hanger to be completed. My goal is to build a close to stock, safe aircraft and to be flying this Cozy MK IV in about 5 years.

The main purpose of this website is to maintain an aircraft construction record for the FAA. This website is frequently updated with many pictures but sorry; I don't spend much time trying to make the website look nice. I would rather spend that time building.

The pictures in this website are thumb nails. Click on the pictures for a larger image.
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Chapter 4 Bulkheads

Chapter 5 Fuselage Sides

Chapter 6 Fuselage Assembly

Chapter 7 Fuselage Exterior

Chapter 8 Head rests, seat belts, heat duct

Chapter 9 Landing gear

Chapter 10 Canard

Chapter 11 Elevators

Chapter 12 Canard Installation

Chapter 13 Nose, Nose gear, Rudders

Chapter 14 Center section spar

Chapter 15 Firewall

Chapter 16 Control System

Chapter 17 Trim System, center console

Chapter 18 Canopy

Chapter 19 Wings, Ailerons

Chapter 20 Winglets & Rudders

Chapter 21 Strakes, fuel tanks

Chapter 22 Electrical

Chapter 23 Engine

Chapter 24 Covers & Fairings

Chapter 25 Finishing

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